The Islamic Tartan Concept

The Islamic Tartan Concept weaves together the different strands of Scottish and Muslim heritage creating the fabric of the future.

Scottish academic Dr Azeem Ibrahim, developed this concept after consulting leading Islamic scholars around the world - Shaikh Humza Yousaf, Imam Zaid Shakir and Dr Umar Abd-Allah. In Scotland, he sought advice from Shaikh Amer Jamil, Scotland's leading Islamic scholar.

Dr Ibrahim also engaged the services of top tartan designers in Scotland. DC Dalgleish is the world's last specialist mill weaving only authentic traditional quality tartans. Using only original production methods on traditional shuttle looms, DC Dalgleish maintains the rich heritage of Scottish tartan with integrity and reverence for tradition.

Just as the parts of an heraldic coat of arms have significance, so too does the Islamic Tartan.

The theological explanation of the design is as follows:

- Blue to represent the Scottish Flag
- Green to represent the colour of Islam
- Five white lines running through the pattern to represent the five pillars of Islam
- Six gold lines to represent the six articles of faith
- Black square to represent the Holy Kabah